Pay by Thumb

Pay by Thumb

Secure and Faster Payments using Latest Technology


Pay by Thumb works by implanting a micro chip in a person's thumb and linking the chip to the person's bank account. The person can then start using his thumbprint for payments and discard all the credit cards and debit cards. This method is popular for its sophisticated technology and ease of use. Currently, this is widely used for paying in public transit systems and other areas.

The chip could be installed in a person's body using a sterile injection and by a certified medical professional. Once the chip is settled in the body, the person can start using it. Alternately, a thin film is being implanted in a person's thumb which contains all the information required for payment processing.

With Pay by Thumb, it is difficult to hack, lose, or skim the thumbprint as it is unique to each person. Forgetting the cards wouldn't be a problem any more as the card data is embedded right in the thumb. Multi-step verification via phone and email would become obsolete due to the implants. Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) and Near Field Communication (NFC) are some of the technologies assisting in the Pay by Thumb mode of payment. Some vendors link the micro chip to a third party provider such as mobile wallet, ipay, or PayPass, who will then process all the financial transactions. This way, the Pay by Thumb chip is independent of the banks and their respective systems.

The biohacking method is very popular for accessing, locking, and unlocking doors and cars. Logging in to computers or starting vehicle engines is possible with the implants. Tracking movement of elements or other devices is possible with the biohacking. However, due to the changing technology at the banks, it is difficult to keep up. Pay by Thumb could be the major method of payment in the next few years if they implement nation wide.


Cashless transactions have picked up worldwide and mobile to mobile payments are being implemented. Pay by Thumb is useful in all cases, where the user just has to scan the chip on their thumb through the smart phone camera and payment could be processed. Card less payment is the most popular use of Pay by Thumb. Practically, it would eliminate all keys and cards. The person bearing the chip would be the key and card themselves!

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Here are some other common applications of Pay by Thumb.


Pay by Thumb is an evolving technology and has limited usage currently. The number of vendors recognizing Pay by Thumb must be increased. The implants must be performed in a sterile environment and by medical professionals. The device my cost around $200 and the medical costs are around $200. However, you need to customize it to suit all your requirements. Before implanting, you must be aware of how to configure it to replace all your cards and keys.

The risks of the implant also include the side effects such as irritation, swelling, and so on. If you have any special conditions or allergies, you must first check with your medical team for compatibility. If the implant is hindering the regular body activities or interfering with the existing systems, it must be removed.


The Pay by Thumb may not work at all vendors and you must first check before using. Also, it causes unnecessary inconvenience at airports and other security check points. The chance of injuring you while stealing it are higher as they are implanted in the body.

Pay by Thumb is suitable for people who can understand the functionality and know how to operate and customize it. You need to be able to explain to others in case any authority or vendor questions about it. The sellers in the market such as the Dangerous Things recommend that you buy the equipment and customize to suit your needs. Check with the compatibility list before purchasing.